April 20, 2011

German Riesling and Thai-Inspired Red Snapper

This food and wine combination really started with the recipe for a Thai-inspired red snapper that I found on the Food and Wine magazine web site. I love Thai food and even dare to cook these dishes at home ever since I have discovered red curry paste in a jar. It is just the right combination of spices.

The recipe calls for carrots, of which I had too many in my refrigerator anyway. I mean, who doesn’t ever pick up that bag of baby carrots at the grocery store even though it’s not on the shopping list, just to find the yet unopened bag from last week in the produce drawer at home? Okay, never mind, but I do it all the time. So yes, I did use bagged baby carrots, no washing and peeling required, and one of the better inventions of mankind, at least in my opinion.
That way I could concentrate more on cooking the fish, as I have to admit, I am always a little intimidated by preparing seafood. My main fear is overcooking it. But it all turned out fine! Just one important note: definitely use a non-stick pan when frying the red snapper. By the way, allow me to comment, but red snapper must be one of the most pretty-looking fish out there, the colors of the skin are just amazing. Plus, it is a very mild and tasty fish.

The recipe comes with a pairing suggestion of Riesling from Washington state, I did however opt for a Riesling from the Mosel region of Germany, a 2009 Dr. Loosen Blue Slate Riesling Kabinett. This wine is in the off-dry, somewhat sweet style that Mosel Rieslings are commonly known for. To me, the flavors are of Golden Delicious apples, apricots, and a very delicate and light acidity at the end.

 It paired nicely with the fish dish, but in hindsight I wonder if I should have tried it with a wine that packs a little more punch, for example the other classic pairing wine for Asian dishes, a Gewürztraminer. Oh well, there’s always next time… Do you have a favorite German Riesling that is widely available here in the United States? If you do, I’d love to hear your recommendation.

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