June 21, 2011

Cupcake with Moscato

The phenomenon of cupcake shops springing up like mushrooms has been around for a few years now, but lately, this occurrence has spread from urban centers to small-town America. So the other day I walked by Lola’s (they have been around for a few years, by the way), and was trying to think of a good excuse to go inside to check out their offerings.

And then I remembered: I still had some of that sparkling Moscato from the other day in the fridge! Now wouldn’t that be perfect with some cupcakes…
I purchased an Orange Creamsicle cupcake and a Coconut Margarita cupcake. Good thing I took this picture with my phone as soon as I got in the car. Because the Orange Creamsicle cupcake never made it home. A victim of a road rage incident, so to speak… Ah, what can I say, it was a warm day, and I couldn’t risk for the icing to melt on the way, right?

However, the Coconut Margarita cupcake did make it to my house and on a plate. And I paired it with the rest of the Mionetto “IL” sparkling Moscato. The bubbles had held up nicely for a few days, by the way. I have to do a little bit of guesswork in describing the cupcake, but I the cake portion was made from a light batter with coconut, and the icing had the flavor of margarita mix, with some coarse salt sprinkled on top. So here we had sweet, a little tart, and a little salty, all in one bite. Yum!

The Moscato added some fruitiness and creamy bubbles. It was delicious! Having enjoyed the wine with a savory dish before, I was honestly surprised as to how well it worked with something sweet. One wine to go with both your entrée and your dessert! That’s definitely worth noting. Final verdict: a great combination.

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