August 8, 2011

Mexican Pork Tinga with Enamore

One of the world cuisines I know next to nothing about is Mexican cooking. I like spicy food, and I always like to learn new things, so what else would I do than experiment with a recipe for Mexican food? I found this recipe for a pork tinga, which is sort of a stew. The ingredients were easy to find and the directions are fairly simple. (Unlike the ones for a classic mole... but one day...!)

Let me tell you, the chipotles in adobo definitely pack a punch in the spicy department! I can definitely see the purpose of the avocado and cheese, which cool things down a bit. So which wine would go with spicy food like this? Most people would probably reach for a cold beer... That's not my thing though, and I was thinking about a red wine with a touch of sweetness instead.

I decided on the 2008 Allegrini & Renacer Enamore from Argentina. This wine is a red blend from mostly Malbec grapes, however, there is something very special about it. It is made from partially dried grapes, very much in the style of an Italian Amarone, at a considerably lower price though. As a matter of fact, this wine is a collaboration between Argentine and Italian winemakers.

The Enamore tastes of dark berries, cherries and vanilla. Being made from partially dried grapes, one might expect a somewhat raisin-y taste, and in fact there is just a touch of sweetness, but definitely NOT reminiscent of a dessert wine such as a port. It is one of my favorite red wines, and it paired surprisingly well with the spicy pork tinga! What was important to me was that the wine would not intensify the spiciness of the food. In my opinion, the "heat factor" of the dish stayed the same, and so did the fruitiness of the wine. So overall, the two were great complements to each other, with the wine adding another flavor note to the entire meal.


Anonymous said...

wine with Mexican food - no way, it's gotta be beer. I recommend Sol or Dos Equis. There are so many wonderful Mexican beers. Of course you have to like beer.....

Wine Combo said...

I can definitely see your point. I will have to revisit beer at some time and see if my tastebuds have changed in that regard. Mexico is primarily known as a beer, tequila and mezcal country. However, award-winning wine is being made in Mexico as well. As not much of it is being exported, it is probably difficult to find. If interested, check out this tourism web site about the area of Baja California or/and this Wikipedia entry As I always like to try new things, I will keep an eye out for Mexican wines!