August 4, 2011

Zucchini Gorgonzola Spaghetti and Sauvignon Blanc

More zucchini from the garden... means that I needed to make more pasta sauce. This time the pasta was spaghetti, and I bought a beautiful wedge of gorgonzola cheese, which is an Italian blue cheese. I would make a white cheese sauce. I started by browning some bacon bits and onions, and then added the zucchini. For liquid, I used chicken stock. During the last few minutes, I added the gorgonzola cheese and some chopped parsley. Very little salt was necessary, as both the gorgonzola and the bacon are already salty.

I decided to pair this dish with a white wine and chose the 2010 Valdivieso Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. Sauvignon Blancs are among my favorite white wines. While there are great fruity ones from California, the ones from Chile are usually a much better value, often costing only about half as much, while being just as good.

This wine has refreshing flavors of citrus and passionfruit. I guess I did go against conventional wisdom by pairing a blue cheese based dish with a white wine, however, I thought it really worked. The acidity of the Sauvignon Blanc was able to cut through the richness and saltiness of the gorgonzola and the bacon. Overall, the Valdivieso SB is a great food wine at a fair price, and it was a great combination! (And another good use of all that zucchini...)

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